Common Treatment Options For A Ganglion Cyst


A ganglion cyst is a mass that can appear in numerous areas of your body. While you may wish to visit your family doctor if you notice this mass, another option is to seek the care of a local podiatrist if you've discovered this issue on one of your feet. A ganglion cyst can grow in various areas of your foot but is common on the upper part. Unless it's very small in size, it will be difficult to miss when you look at your bare foot. A podiatrist can treat a ganglion cyst on the foot in several different ways, including these three methods.


One of the first things that your podiatrist will do when you visit with a ganglion cyst is talk to you to determine how much discomfort the growth is causing. This type of cyst doesn't typically cause sharp pain, but it can present a dull pain that is disruptive throughout your day. A good way to control the pain is through padding. For example, when you pad the area around the cyst and on top of it, it won't rub on the inside of your shoe as much. Your podiatrist can demonstrate different padding techniques that you can employ.


Another common way to deal with a ganglion cyst is to drain it with a needle. This is a procedure that your podiatrist can perform in the clinic. The cyst contains a lot of fluid, and once the podiatrist reduces the fluid, the cyst will decrease in size. This can quickly cause you to experience less discomfort, as there won't be as much pressure around the area. While one drainage appointment may be sufficient to control your ganglion cyst, it's also possible that you may need to go through this process on multiple occasions.


Surgery is also an option for treating a ganglion cyst. Typically, it will be the treatment option that your podiatrist recommends last, and it's the most invasive. If the cyst is continuing to bother you, even after you've padded it, and drainage is only moderately effective, you can expect that your podiatrist will recommend surgery. This procedure involves cutting open your skin and removing the cyst, and then suturing the wound. It can be a good way to eliminate this problem once and for all. If you believe that you've spotted a ganglion cyst on your foot, contact a local podiatry clinic.


19 April 2023

Working With A Podiatrist To Solve My Foot Problems

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