Three Reasons To Seek Treatment From A Podiatrist For Your Plantar Wart


Although plantar warts are not a serious condition, they can be painful. For this reason alone, you should visit a podiatrist. You are likely to find one or more products at your local drug store that claim to treat plantar warts, but their effectiveness falls far short of the treatment you will receive by visiting a foot doctor. The following are a few reasons you should have a podiatrist look at your plantar wart.

16 September 2019

Diabetic Foot Care Tips For Avoiding Limb-Threatening Infections


When you think about your diabetes, you likely think about daily blood sugar numbers and your long-term A1C much more than the health of your feet. As long as you don't have any pain in your feet, it is very easy to ignore them. However, when you are living with diabetes, your feet are always in danger of sores and infections that can potentially lead to life-threatening infections and amputations. Thankfully, there are many actions you can take to prevent these serious medical problems, including each of the following:  

24 January 2019