How To Get Rid Of Calluses On Your Feet


If you have calluses on your feet, you want to do all you can to get rid of them quickly. These thickened areas of skin, caused by friction or walking barefoot, can make your feet look awful and cause you some pain. Calluses can get so bad that parts of them will start to break away from your foot, snagging on your carpeting and bed linens and causing pain.

Getting rid of calluses on your feet

Calluses are hard areas of skin on the bottom of your feet. Calluses are made up of dead skin and this means you can remove calluses without pain or injury. Removing calluses can be done by using a few different methods.

Use a dry callus removing tool - One method you can use to get rid of calluses is to use a foot scraping tool. Use the tool to remove the top layers of the callus. Make sure you don't go all the way down to the fresh skin, or you can irritate it. Use it regularly and you should see the callus will eventually disappear completely. Don't use these tools with wet feet or it can be easy to damage your skin.

Use a wet pumice stone - You can also use a pumice stone and warm water to remove calluses. Simply dip your feet and the pumice stone in some water and use the stone in a back and forth motion until you see most of the callus is gone and your feet feel smoother. Once again, make sure you don't use the stone to the point of irritating the sensitive skin underneath.

Use a good lotion - Make a habit of putting a good lotion on your feet throughout the day as well. This will help get rid of calluses and help to keep them from coming back. If you experience a good deal of pain with them, then you should make an appointment to see a podiatrist like Orvitz Podiatry Clinic Podiatrist.

If your callus gets so bad that it starts to cause large cracks to develop in your feet or it begins to cause you a lot of pain, then you should visit the podiatrist. You may need a professional treatment to help you to get relief from a severe callus so it doesn't cause you too much pain or possibly lead to other problems, such as having difficulty walking.


6 October 2015

Working With A Podiatrist To Solve My Foot Problems

When I started working out every day, I encountered a strange problem. My feet always seemed to hurt, and I didn't know what to do. If it wasn't an ingrown toenail, it was a sore arch or a throbbing heel. Instead of writing off the problem as a simple inconvenience, I decided to meet with a podiatrist who could diagnose the issues. As I talked with the professional, I learned that my foot problems probably stemmed from different issues, and he targeted each one with a different treatment. After a few weeks, my feet felt a lot better. This blog is all about how a podiatrist can help you to solve your foot problems.