Is It An Ingrown Toenail? 3 Signs You Have This Condition


Ingrown toenails can affect anyone young or old. They usually occur when you trim your nails at an angle because they eventually begin to grow into your skin. When the nail grows into the nail skin, it can cause pain and inflammation, or it can lead to an infection. if you aren't sure if you have an ingrown toenail, there are signs to watch out for. Read on for a few signs that you have an ingrown toenail and what you can do to prevent this from happening.

1. Swelling Next To The Nail

If you have swelling right next to the nail and it hurts to touch the area, it may be because of an ingrown toenail. You may have redness and irritation, as well as swelling in this area. If there is too much swelling, it can make it painful to even walk. Swelling in the nail may be caused by several other things as well, but if your nails are growing into the skin, it's more than likely an ingrown toenail.

2. Pus Or Numbness

You may have pus or even numbness next to the toe if you have an ingrown toenail. If you have an infection, you may feel pain, or it could be numb until you attempt to dig out the ingrown toenail, which is not recommended. If you have pus or are bleeding, it may be an infection that needs to be cleared up by the podiatrist. An ingrown toenail needs to be treated by a professional podiatrist.

3. Your Nails Are Curling In

If your toenails are starting to curl in towards your nail bed, it is because of how you have been trimming them. You need to start trimming them straight across, not at an angle. If you have curled nails that are curving into your skin, you need to seek help from a podiatrist. Your nails need to be pulled out from the skin and then trained to grow properly, which is what the podiatrist can do for you.

If you suspect you have ingrown toenails, you should make an appointment with the podiatrist to have your nails treated properly. Be sure you trim your nails straight across and do not attempt to dig out an ingrown toenail on your own. You could end up with a deeper infection if you didn't already have one and your toe could get so painful that it can make walking difficult. Consider going to a podiatrist in your area if you have this problem. 


25 February 2022

Working With A Podiatrist To Solve My Foot Problems

When I started working out every day, I encountered a strange problem. My feet always seemed to hurt, and I didn't know what to do. If it wasn't an ingrown toenail, it was a sore arch or a throbbing heel. Instead of writing off the problem as a simple inconvenience, I decided to meet with a podiatrist who could diagnose the issues. As I talked with the professional, I learned that my foot problems probably stemmed from different issues, and he targeted each one with a different treatment. After a few weeks, my feet felt a lot better. This blog is all about how a podiatrist can help you to solve your foot problems.