How to Get Relief From Plantar Fasciitis


When your feet are in pain, the only thing you can think of is how to get relief from this pain. If you've tried icing your heel or arch, if you've tried heat to feel relief, and you've rested your feet, but nothing seems to be working, it could be caused by plantar fasciitis. There are still things you can try in order to find relief, but you should still go to a podiatrist to determine exactly what is causing your pain and to figure out a treatment plan. Read on for some other things you can try to get relief from plantar fasciitis.

Arch Support

Adding arch support to your daily shoes is one thing you can do to offer some relief from plantar fasciitis. If you have flat feet, you may have issues with a lack of support in the arch area, and feel pain in your heels and arch often. To give you the support you need, try using inserts in your shoes to offer you the cushion you need in your daily shoes. You can move them to other shoes so you can wear them no matter what shoes you choose to wear. Inserts can also help offer support in the heel and toe pad area as well.

New Shoes

If you're wearing the same old shoes you've been wearing for way too long, they may no longer offer any support at all for your feet. If your shoes aren't supporting your feet, you could end up with injuries as well as issues from plantar fasciitis. Your shoes need to be changed and updated every so often, especially ones you wear often, as the support and soles can breakdown and leave you without the support you need from your footwear. Try investing in new shoes that offer the support you need.

Pain Reliever

Pain relievers that are over-the-counter can help give you temporary relief from the pain felt from plantar fasciitis. It can help you get to rest when you are experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis. Try using Ibuprofen to alleviate the pain, at least until you can get other treatment options from your podiatrist.

Plantar fasciitis can leave you in pain daily, especially when taking those first morning steps, or when at rest. Plantar fasciitis treatments can help but you should go to the podiatrist to rule out any other possible issues with your feet.  


25 January 2021

Working With A Podiatrist To Solve My Foot Problems

When I started working out every day, I encountered a strange problem. My feet always seemed to hurt, and I didn't know what to do. If it wasn't an ingrown toenail, it was a sore arch or a throbbing heel. Instead of writing off the problem as a simple inconvenience, I decided to meet with a podiatrist who could diagnose the issues. As I talked with the professional, I learned that my foot problems probably stemmed from different issues, and he targeted each one with a different treatment. After a few weeks, my feet felt a lot better. This blog is all about how a podiatrist can help you to solve your foot problems.